Feb. 24th, 2012

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She'd figured out how to hotwire the lock when she was ten, and the mechanism hadn't been changed since she was seven. Getting in was no problem. Trying to work out if her father was still awake was a lot harder. The internal sensors didn't show anything so she snuck in as quietly as possible, but he was waiting there in the door to the kitchen, wearing the spec ops thermal camo he'd been given at the end of his military service, hands on hips.

"What time of the night do you call this, young lady?"

The usual excuses, salted with better ones when it appeared the older ones were becoming less credible. She wasn't worried about him finding out where she'd been, because she'd been - no, really - testing cocoa brews at the local Starbucks with her school friends, and it was all on security camera.

Quarter of an hour later, she backed into her bedroom, still apologising, and turned to the dresser. There was a pair of artificial eyes sitting next to her phone charger dock.

She was a city girl, and she'd learned early how to get around security systems that recognised facial geometry. She could open those doors. But to get into the special places, you needed ersatz eyes that could present a bitmap that looked like someone else's retinas.

Nobody would ever have thought of looking in that spot - after her father had found all the others - that one place... who would ever expect to see eyes in there? She had to laugh. She couldn't hide them.


sheramil: Jack Vance alien by Phillipe Caza (Default)

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