Date: 2013-07-20 07:55 am (UTC)
not_a_sniglet: A fox and a deer touching noses. (Default)

You have an excellent point. The web IS easier. And also, audio books cost a lot of money. Print books are nice, but if you're blind or very extremely visually impaired you have to have a scanner and some very very ridiculously expensive software to read them and scanning is a time-consuming process.

Ebooks are good. But a lot of vendors tend to charge paper-book prices, which not everybody can afford and sometimes their preferred formats aren't readable to people with assistive devices...

And yesss about the web getting bigger. We're answering from an iPad after all.

And don't get us wrong. We like dead tree books too, but Braille not only takes up about ten times as much as a print book, but costs about that too.

And I agree with you about this being the thing that'll happen to us some day.

Sorry... I can rant about failures in accessibility all day long. Heh. So yeah, thank you for putting your work up in a format we can easily access. We've pointed any and people in your direction before, as someone whose stories we recommended. We like word of mouth. My iPad is a persnickety princess and requires your recognition of its existence.

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